Explore Phuoc Tich Village and Tam Giang (Two days, dry season)
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  Duration: 2 DAYS/1 NIGHTS STYLE: Special Interests

Explore Phuoc Tich Village and Tam Giang (Two days, dry season)

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Phuoc Tich is a village dating back to the 15th century, located 37 kilometers to the north of the Viet Nam central province of Thua Thien Hue. Your two day visit to this beautiful area will charm you with the many cultural and architectural delights that you will experience. 

Professor Dr. Arch Hoang Dao Kinh, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Association of Architects, said “Phuoc Tich has all of the cultural elements of an ancient Vietnamese village that other villages in the country have not been able to maintain”.

The quaint village runs along the gentle O Lau River with charming winding walkways along the river’s edge. You will experience the local cultural way of being in the  traditional crafts, old communal houses, temples, river wharfs, and spacious ancient houses nestling in lines of evergreen trees. These are all typical features demonstrating this old village’s undamaged structure.

The Vietnamese Government recognizes the Village of Phuoc Tich as a national architectural relic. It is acknowledged as an important site for the preservation of traditional values as well as opportunities for tourists to experience the nature of Viet Nam. Phuoc Tich has been well known for its non enamel pottery craft since its golden days. Today, the production is based on orders only. The local authority is working with local artisans to support them in creating pottery products that are of high aesthetic value.

You can visit Phuoc Tich ancient houses (known as “Nha Ruong”) which are between 100 to 500 years old and still well preserved. You can visit an ancient traditional house 130 years old. Almost all of the houses are built from ironwood with tiled roofs and graceful green fences. There are lacquered vertical boards running within the house structure except for the space in front of the alter where the boards run horizontally. 

You will stay for the night in the Quang Ngan commune by the Tam Giang Lagoon. After a restful night, you take a boat trip on the Lagoon where you can watch the local fishermen using their traditional methods of fishing. You head back for Hue in the afternoon.

This is a relaxing 2 days where you get to explore the two beautiful areas of  Phuoc Tich Village and Tam Gianag Lagoon and have the opportunity to see the traditional ways of life of Vietnamese people who live in both areas. 

Tour code: HUI 05: Detailed Itinerary for dry season – (2 days 1 night)

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Itinerary Highlights
Day 1: Hue – Phuoc Tich – Tam Giang

Begin your tour by traveling from Hue City to Phuoc Tich Village, approximately one hour from Hue. This village dates back to the 15th century and is idyllically situated by the gentle O Lau river. It has many paved winding walkways to explore. The scenery is beautiful as are the amazing ancestral houses. You can also learn about the handmade pottery during the visit to the museum.

You will enjoy a delicious lunch at a cozy local house served with homegrown ingredients. You will then get to take a break and interact with the host before leaving for Quang Ngan commune. Here you will get to experience the fishery as well the home stay.

At Quang Ngan, we will take a leisurely bike ride (or travel by car) to the vegetable fields to learn about local agriculture and join in the production process of harvesting wet rice. After an introduction to agriculture, we move onto a warm wild beach where you can enjoy the beaches of golden sand and the clear blue waters.  

Later in the afternoon, we take a local sampan cruise through the gentle waters of Tam Giang Lagoon, where we visit the fishing farm. If you life, you can try your hand at collecting fish from the traps before boarding the boat for a sunset cruise. After the sun has set, we head back to the Homestay for dinner with the host, where you will also stay overnight.

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Day 2: Tam Giang – Hue

An early wake up is suggested to give you the opportunity to visit the fishing market where people will purchase fish to sell in other areas.

We then head back for breakfast before saying goodbye to the host. You will then drive back to Hue City which will be the end of the tour.

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