South East Asia offers charm, diversity, culture, beautiful landscapes, engaging cities and a warm and friendly hospitality that is unrivalled in the world. Why look further for your vacation destination? Of course, it does leave the question of ‘where to go in SE Asia’ as each country has its own special set of qualities to offer the 21st Century traveller.

You might choose Vietnam, with the charming capital of Ha Noi and the modern, hectic style of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Change the pace and visit the terraced mountainside of Sapa, the majestic Ha Long Bay, the temples, pagodas and palaces of Hue, the exquisitely preserved town of Hoi An. From cities to caves to mountains to beaches to the low lands of the Mekong Delta and everything in between, Vietnam has something to offer everyone. Mix this with the warm and inviting character of the people, a unique charm and delicious food and it creates the perfect destination.

Maybe Cambodia is your interest in this area with the elaborate and mystical temples and palaces in the 400 square kilometre site that forms the Angkor Archaeological Park. As you visit the many magnificent buildings, you get an idea of the grandeur and wealth of this ancient civilisation which formed the largest pre-industrial city in the world. While visiting Ankor, you can enjoy the gentle charm of the local town of Siem Reap. For more variety, there is the city atmosphere of Phnom Penh or the tranquil unspoilt beaches that flank the Gulf of Thailand

For a somewhat more laid back approach to life, put LAOS on your list. On the banks of the mighty Mekong River the capital Vientiane is a reminder of how life can be lived in a relaxed and placid manner, even when it is the capital city. Further north, you find the gloriously preserved town of Luang Prabang where you can marvel at the architecture and surrounding landscape alike. For the more adventurous, Laos also offers mountains to the north and the low lying lakes of the south.

Thailand is the most often visited country in this region and for good reason. It is an intoxicating mix of everything that a tourist is looking for. Bangkok is a large, noisy, bustling city with all modern conveniences interspersed with jewels of the ancient such as the palace with its temples, museums and splendid courtyards. Visit the beaches in the south where you find anything on offer from partying to relaxation. Travel north to the mountains and the jungles. The Kingdom is endlessly compelling.

After decades of isolation, Myanmar (Burma) is now able to share their breathtaking temples of Bagan, magnificent colonial British architecture, the history of this mystical country and the results of past influences not only from Britain but also from India and China.  All of these factors blend with the quality of the people to create the uniqueness that is the Myanmar of today. Marvel at the beauty of the landscape, the buildings, the people and the energy of the place that is poised to become SE Asia’s next ‘must visit’ for tourists!

Can’t decide? Well, maybe you can consider combining a multiple destination tour so that you get the best of more than one world.

If you have questions to be answered or just would like to chat to someone about possibilities, contact one of our SE Asia based tour specialists. HGH personnel have unrivalled up to date local knowledge about the region and would be delighted to share that knowledge with you to help you to decide on the very best package for your dream vacation.



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