Experience De A Luoi Et La Communaute Locale (Deux Jours / Une Nuit)
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  Durée du séjour: 2 JOURS/1 LA NUITS STYLE: Special Interests

Experience De A Luoi Et La Communaute Locale (Deux Jours / Une Nuit)

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The A Luoi District communities and the government are ensuring that tourism activities do not damage traditional culture or the rich forests that they depend on. We support community based tourism and ecotourism initiatives that are sustainable, appropriate to the area and provide benefits to the local people.

A Luoi is approximately 65 km Southeast of Dakrong Bridge and 70 km to the west of Hue. This area offers a unique cultural, historical and biological experience for the adventurous tourists. This is believed to be one of the last forests home to find a viable population of the Saola. The Saola, also known as the Asian Unicorn is one of the rarest species in the world.
The area is blessed with beautiful landscapes, rich wildlife and nature including a number of waterfalls and cascades. Many ethnic minority groups live in the mountains with their colourful and varied cultures. These groups include people from the Pa Ko, Van Kieu, CaTu and Ta Oi tribes.

A Luoi was the site of many battles during the American war. Two pilot areas are being supported, namely A Bia Nor, also known as Hamburger Hill and the A Roang commune.
The US Army Special Forces Bases in A Luoi and Ashau were overrun and abandoned in 1966. Among the better known  military sites in the vicinity of A Luoi are landing zones  Cunningham, Ershine  and Razor, as well as Hill 1175 (west of the valley) and Hill 521 (in Laos). Further south in the Ashau valley is Hamburger Hill (A Bia Mountain). In May 1969, American forces on a search- and destroy mission near Laos border fought in one of the fiercest engagements of the war, suffering many terrible casualties on both sides.  
In less than a week of fighting, 241 American soldiers died at Hamburger Hill. When the American forces withdrew from the area, the Hill was secured by the Viet Cong Army and the whole area became important as a means of transporting supplies from the north to the south for the Viet Cong troops.
Today, these beautiful areas are returning to the magnificent scenery that it used to be. The trips to these mountainous areas show you the interesting lands of history, cultures and legend!
The areas of A Roang and A Bia welcome tourists. Some of the activities and services that can be enjoyed include:

Experience village life and unique cultures
- Overnight stays at Ta Oi communal houses
- Local, Vietnamese and vegetarian food
- Cultural shows of music and dance
- Learning about local handicraft production, like Det Zeng textile weaving.

Historical sites
- Visiting American war sites, like Hamburger Hill, A Shau airbase and Hong Bac Tunnels
- Travel along the famous Ho Chi Minh trail

Stunning landscapes and nature
- Spectacular views from the Ho Chi Minh (HCM) highway overlooking the Green Corridor forests
- An area of international conservation importance as home to gibbons and Saola
- Trekking with local guides to the forests and Hamburger Hill
- Learn about non-timber forest products and how these are important for local communities
- With luck see a flying squirrel, or hear endangered gibbons and rare pheasants, see the amazing plants and wildlife
- Relax or have a picnic near one of the cooling waterfalls (but please don’t spoil for others and follow the Codes of Conduct)

On the trip, you will spend time exploring the local area by walking tour to see how the peoples from the Ethnic Minority groups manage their lands and manage their daily lives. Enjoy a relaxing time in the Suphur Hotsprings, walking in this spectacular area and meeting the warm and friendly people of the district. You will stay in a Homestay overnight and return to Hue on day two around noon. 

Tour code: HUI 12: A Community Experience (2 days 1 night)

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Itinéraire Faits saillants

Départ de Hue au début de l'après-midi, nous nous dirigerons vers A Luoi, un voyage de 2 heures 30. Vous pourrez voir les produits de l'artisanat local du tissage Det Zeng, profiter des spectacles culturels de musique et de danse locale et déguster de délicieux plats locaux servis par la population locale.
Une source chaude de soufre est également disponible pour ceux qui choisissent d'en faire l'expérience. Passez la nuit dans une maison d'hôtes en ville ou faites l'expérience en séjournant dans l'une des maisons de la communauté.



La deuxième journée vous ferez une visite guidée à pied pour voir le magnifique paysage montagneux et ferez l'expérience de la vie des minorités ethniques qui travaillent dans les champs.

Embrassez les vues spectaculaires de la route Ho Chi Minh (HCM) donnant sur les vertes forêts du Corridor, une zone de conservation internationale importante car elle est la maison des gibbons et des Saola.

Enfin vous vous détendrez dans l'une des chutes d'eau (prendre soin de suivre les codes de conduite). A midi, nous retournerons en ville.

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