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  Duration: 1 DAY/0 NIGHT STYLE: Special Interests


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  • Real interaction with locals: friendly, enthusiastic and remarkable
  • One of the best off-the beaten path in Hue with opportunity of amazing photo shoots
Itinerary Highlights

Duration: from 7.30 to 11.00


·  Get an insight into Vietnam rural life through stories, stops and visits.

·  Thrilling ride on a vintage Vespa scooter through the scenic small country roads

·  Take a look lively village markets, communal houses, family temples, places of worship on the way

·  Visit to a peasant family making sticky-rice traditional cake “Banh Chung”

·  A glimpse of Farming Tools Museum to get to know about wet-rice cultivation and local farming customs



Take delight in sitting on the back of a Vespa scooter for a memorial ride through the scenic countryside of Hue. To learn about Vietnamese rural life, Vespa takes you on small country roads to the parts of Hue most visitors don’t see such as immense rice paddies, village pagodas of Buddhism, lichen-covered chapels and communal houses. Come and see a peasant family to get to know about their life. You should not miss the Thanh Toan tile-roofed Bridge (16th century) which is a historic and cultural credit to the community.

In the morning, our guide and Vespa driver will pick up you at your hotel and you'll escape the city by following the small roads to the countryside. The Vespa will pass by several communal houses and family temples. Stop for a while and listen to your guide explain the significance of such places. We'll also head to the lively village market “Dạ Lê market” where villagers come daily to buy and sell their produce. Keep riding on the paved roads before stopping to visit a Bhuddist village pagoda. After the visit, leave the pagoda for a local family residence. Stopping at another local market on the way is optional. Stroll through the village to visit a local rice-growing family that has inherited a traditional job of making sticky rice cakes well-known as “Banh Chung – Banh Tet”. You can taste the cake while hearing their stories and sipping green tea before riding to next place. Next stop, Thanh Toan Village, where you can walk around the village before heading to the local agricultural tools museum for a glimpse of local farming customs. Afterwards, we'll have a drink and snack. Head back to your hotel in the city by Vespa.

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